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palms facing Diao soul duo gently grip.
Pathetic man that accompanied its mouth spit pronunciation, Xiao go far people suddenly shocked to see that the space within a radius of little knowledge, at this moment give all collapse, an invisible giant hand painted black, suddenly forming, and then facing Soul Diao two random one shot.
‘bang bang bang’
enough to have a little knowledge is a huge dark photographed floating giant hand, this piece of land, ‘Leighton time as an earthquake,Coach Outlet Online, severe shake up a section of a huge crack, spreading out from the ground, finally extending to the distant place …… ,
‘The stars, how they came out ……’
such a big fuss, naturally aroused the powerful energy of the body to detect some other places, but when they feel the sense of the familiar atmosphere, they are all face some changes,Coach Outlet, hesitated,Coach Outlet Store, turned out to give all the flavor convergence of the sky, the body gradually unreal ‘last shrink beneath the earth ……,
‘how could ……’
soul Diao two eyes looking at the collapse of some slack space,Coach Factory Outlet, such as the terror of the beat, even if they are unable to afford.
space facing rapid collapse that swept to the dark giant hand,Coach Outlet, Diao soul duo finally smelled the surge has made it their whole body chills taste of death,Coach Outlet Store, under the pale, but also gave what, who grabbed a cliff and into the soul Li soul ‘turned and ran.
However, their speed, but it was not enough to make them successful escape in the dark under a giant hand, even if the space is being broken boom, so when the two had just flashed baizhang stature, giant hand, is crashing to!
giant hand, did not really bombardment onto the two bodies, but at a distance of nearly baizhang, the sense of terror breeze, is ripped through space and landed on

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completely contrary to their expectations, the original,Coach Outlet, with two of them seven Senior product identity refining pharmacists, wherever, are to be treated as a guest will be, did not think now that this is actually so rude Xiao Yan.
‘What do you really want,Coach Outlet Store?’ Liu Chang bite.
‘is not what I want, how Union regulations, how I will!’ Xiao Yan faint.
with the words, Liu Chang and Wuzhen face DaytonDrastic change, according to Yan Union rules, they are such crimes,Coach Outlet Online, is probably going to die several times a direct order cancellation.
cheek color scales icy, cold voice shouted.
heard around the color scales Sheng ‘Those already strong alliance inflammation solemn pending, suddenly facing Liu Chang et al storm swept away.
‘darn,Coach Outlet Online, really when I’m not afraid of you two!’
seeing, Liu Chang and Wuzhen heart really nervous up soon thundered, the body vindictive violence Chung out immediately was forced to burst open directly beside several inflammatory League Luedao strong physique of a move, that is, of go for glory against channeling away.
‘want to go,Coach Factory Outlet?’
lift Xiao Yan eyes,Coach Outlet Store, mouth overflow hint of sneer, palms facing both a grip, that piece of space is instantly solidified ‘and two of stature, but also solidified in which two Qinzhu’ Xiao Yan readily is a throw back, severely hit above the ground.
‘Poof Tao!’
fury forces directly is to get a blood spray both Liu Chang, looking pale, not until they curse out loud, a club Hanmang flashing guns is on top of his head.
‘chief adults’ spared me two it, then we will try our best to inflammation League! ‘Xiao Yan body grudge was previously beat Zhensan life and give all, at this moment, Liu Chang two together just feel fear, quickly shouted.
‘Yan AU iron rules, not because of anyone or anything has changed!’ Xiao Yan indifferent

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grinning hearts cry, robe old man Xiupao a move, but now is a green smog gushing out. And seeing everyone on top of the walls,Coach Outlet, the heart can not help feeling despair more rich, the old bastard,Coach Factory Outlet, it really is the idea of ​​the name of a witch hunt. With the second strand turquoise
smog slowly rising, many are beginning angry mercenary intention washed down hard,Coach Factory Outlet, often in the knife-edge licking the blood of them, though know that it is self-inflicted dead end, but also can be no fear,Coach Outlet Store, Anyway, if they had one dead
And when everyone ready to punch down the walls, and suddenly this piece of sky temperature quickly rises up,Coach Outlet Online, and as the temperature rises, that rich green smog, but it is issued Chi Chi sound, immediately like the snow like boiling oil to meet rapidly dissipate
sudden scene, so everyone was startled both sides down, looked at each other with, simply shot the lights face a loss.
loss in all of the occasion, that the orientation of the mountains of Warcraft, two shadowy figure suddenly Shanlue come some breathing room,Coach Outlet Store, that is out of thin air in over the town.
‘Wang Qiang, who fight?!’
two shadows just appeared, the crowd is seen behind them vindictive wings erupted immediately exclaimed, both sides immediately became restless again, for fear that the other side of the hand.
appeared two shadows, the head of a human body is wrapped in flames into the aquamarine, and that kind of hot temperatures is distributed out from the body, in its wake, a body exudes a touch of purple slightly smaller girls are curious looking man in brown below.
aquamarine flame slowly fluctuations dissipate after a moment, revealing a black robe which youth.
on the wall, being somewhat uneasy Yan Cheng et al., looked black gown that exposed face of the youth, are all fierce hesitated side

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refining pharmacist, presumably should also know how to repair damaged human soul, right?’ Skyfire Venerable light laugh.
eyes squint slightly, Xiao Yan heart underground passage really uttered those fighting other old monster statue order, are some die hard monster, only the next little bit of soul, had been able to so tenacious,Coach Outlet Store, mind flashed the idea However,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan face is caught pondered for a struggle to repair the strong respect for the soul of the other bands, that is not what a simple thing, but he was to meet with His Holiness the day of the fire, the other is totally unaware of what he did temper , if casually help, so that was really the future of his resurrection, and the other to take his body but different fire, it can do?
‘Oh, little guys do not worry, if you can help repair the soul of the old lady, the wife swear to the soul, the future will not be against you.’ Xiao-Yan Qiao pondered, Skyfire Venerable could not help but smile,Coach Outlet, slowly said loudly, Then Shouyi Zhao, on that side of the bones, 一枚 snow white sodium ring every now and then the sky, falling into their hands,Coach Outlet Online, flexor of a bomb, a roll of white light appeared reel is in its front, above the reel,Coach Factory Outlet, painting Quintana braved some birds beast flame.
‘This is the year of the famous old lady fighting skills,’ five from the fire method, ‘Oh, that’s fighting skills are also some wrong, it should be said that the law must control the fire.’ Skyfire Venerable will then scroll thrown Xiao Yan ‘Road : ‘As long as you can help the old lady, then this thing will be yours, if you doubt the sincerity of the old lady, you can take the scrolls,Coach Factory Outlet, was found to be no problem, then help me repair the soul too late.
gingerly took the scroll, Xiao Yan hesitated a moment, just cautious gradually spread.
‘five from

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hesitated, old man,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan consternation, that had seen in the ancient world into who Tongxuan elders. ‘Tong Xuan Xiao Yan directed the elders smiled, immediately look at the latter who sweep the sweep, but also in the eyes of passing some promise amazing color, good moment just after turning aside the old drugs, smiled and said:’ This must have Plains is reputed drug Venerable year, right? Oh,Coach Outlet Store, now it seems to be called the Holy drug just more appropriate. ‘
Tong Xuan elders for laughter, the old drugs is arch of the hand, a smile on his face,Coach Outlet Store, said a few polite words. ‘Gu Qingyang aside to see the elders and Xiao Tong Xuan go far people have seen each other After
,Coach Outlet Online, this whisper of what happened here will briefly say a lot. ‘Having heard the ancient Qingyang, Tong Xuan elders eyebrow
head is slightly wrinkled, soon staring slightly poor bone quiet.
Tong Xuan elders and medicine are two and a half old peg to the Holy Order of other strong,Coach Factory Outlet, that bone is a little quiet complexion somewhat natural emblem up, if he said that for the stars fell Court also relied on the strength and soul of the family fear it, but the face of the ancient family, but it is necessary to hold a bit afraid that this same old ancient race,Coach Outlet, the strength is extremely powerful.
soul soul jade line is the strong family flyby to bone secluded behind some ugly looking lineup looked at each other, and now this situation is to let all of a sudden have gone to their advantage.
‘bone quiet elders, need to call it the strong family again?’ Rose Jade whispered. Bone Mountain quiet eye blinking, said: ‘may have seen bitter mention heart?’ ‘Uh’ Heard, soul jade hesitated hesitated immediately shook his head: ‘? No -‘
heard, suddenly wrinkled brow bone quiet, Qingtu breath, and said: ‘That would withdraw it, the ancient

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twist a bit, and actually not turned against -0
stardom old devil did not turn around, so that was also a war bear a moment, but he did regardless, since you do not turn around, that it would give me a beating. ‘Bang!’
mixed with aggressive impulsive punch, finally tearing the air,Coach Outlet Store, and finally blow fiercely fell on the shoulders of stardom old devil,Coach Outlet Online, muffled sound of flesh collision,Coach Outlet Store, quietly sounded.
fist fight in a bear fell upon the shoulders of stardom old devil, who shoulders, suddenly emerged rich blanket of darkness, the blanket of darkness like cotton in general, the underlying strength over fist relieved a lot,Coach Factory Outlet, but still Xu has some underlying strength to penetrate and into heavy bombardment on the shoulders of the old devil stardom. ‘Humph!’
such a heavy blow, so that was a direct stardom is a touch of the old devil in my pale complexion, subtle sound of broken bones, but also quietly came, apparently, bears fighting punch, direct the boom off him a few bones.
abruptly took the bear fight punch, Notting old devil eyes is grinning touch surface, with the former Quanfeng thrust, he suddenly jumped speed, a flashing room, then out of the sky and now the head of Xiao Yan, grim laugh Sound is muffled pass out from between throat. ‘You’re an idiot!’
Zi research to see this scene, this would pale Qiaolian Bansi is no color, a stomping,Coach Factory Outlet, fight against the Bears curse.
Qiaode golf stardom old devil is going to suffer a blow to kill himself Xiao Yan, Xiong war is face smile,Coach Outlet Store Online, soon only one bite, focusing instead on the storm washed out, you want to at the last moment will be that pick Star Laogui hit fly out. Now, however, he was left
obviously late, Notting old devil appeared at the head of Xiao Yan, fingerprints is suddenly changed, and the overwhelming black storm surge

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a boulder, his eyes staring at the face of the incredible body of three dead old man, after a moment, take a deep the one breath.
‘ice-free Elder & quot,Coach Outlet;.’
a pale face is also somewhat glacial valley beside the old man fell disciples, swallowed,Cheap Jordans Outlet, and whispered:. ‘God go off stream Search woe poison woman Glacier Valley elite all the bodies are here, including & quot ; including ice breaks three elders. ‘
elders are called ice idle heard this, could not help but slightly closed eyes, when re-opened,Coach Outlet Store Online, is awe-inspiring eyeful:! ‘all the bodies were moved back, and I will immediately return to Glacier Valley’ After saying that,Cheap Jordans Outlet, the ice leisure and turned it away, his face, was extremely dark.
glacial valley that were disciples silently nodded his head, looked at the three in front of a old body, my heart could not help but thrown a chill, which were strong but three bucket ah,Coach Outlet Store, who actually have this and other terrorist strength, will They give all the kill?
But although he does not know who the murderer is exactly, but it is also possible to know the future days, which Dan region, probably will not be quiet, and to the strength of the valley glaciers, absolutely not sit three elders were killed and no action ! When these glacial valley
disciples clean up the mess, and that stream away from the depths of God fall here, a secret cave, Xiao Yan gently put down the small medical cents, remove some moonstone ring ejection from Namibia in the cave wall, soft light, suddenly shed, inside the dark cave exhaustively eviction.
Hin Blue standMedical cents around, saw her pale face, and quickly took some soft fur from Namibia to quit, and then spread on the ground,Coach Outlet Online, whispered:. ‘Small medical cents sister, some of it to rest.’
small medical cents smiled and nodded at her,

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did not expect to do. Reiki such a high amount, its soul within
but although unanticipated,Coach Factory Outlet, but understand why he is the soul of the value will be associated with -0 Although the results do not have a similar aura
grudge like that Dacheng cabin, but so too can the soul like a qualitative change in general,Coach Outlet Online, the same level of refining pharmacists, if one has the aura of inner soul, a no, then test it out, and it would certainly are bad days to do …
occurs when the soul of a previous storm, Xiao Yan is secretly depressed, so that was never completely broke the power of the soul, he always believed that, give yourself about the means, so that was just able to get the maximum of their own security. ‘Oh, yes, yes.’
Sheng Presbyterian stroking his beard, laughed, watching their appearance, obviously extremely excited,Coach Outlet Store, if the matter reported to the above, for fear they will certainly cause some big shock.
‘soul test, then this end, the first row is naturally leaves home on behalf of Xiao Yan, in addition, they have to congratulate him on the creation of a record, this record, presumably after a long period of time, and no longer in assessment was cracked … ‘
hear the sound field to grow old, the large hall of the people also secretly smile out,cheap jordans for sale, this leaves home, it really is not dead centipede London, in this dying moment, had been able to find such a horrible hand out from his current performance, the next two tests, the top three, certainly is not going to have any problems, as long as he passed the examination Bo,, then leaves home, they will have to survive forces under … ‘Next, there is a final two assessment, if these two ends, then thisTerm assessment of the five families, that is,Cheap Jordans Online, there will be the final result. ”
Sheng Xiao Yan directed the elders smiled that