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voice, Leaves home now although the situation is not good, but twenty-three fighting were still able to move out of the strong, if they really want to catch today, Xiao Yan, lest the latter’s ability, it really is hard to escape.
for Hin Blue cry, Xiao Yan is also not bother his eyes looked red-hot winds from carrying an old man,cheap jordans for sale, the dark chill Mouzhong also crossed some promise,cheap jordans, this time because he is also a little worried Medical cents while the situation – poor ℃ love, this old guy, be a real hit on his muzzle it.
‘Boy, so I will Qinxia you, then you are to the front of your elders,cheap jordans, let them look good discipline four elders stature flash, that is, since Shaw appeared in the eyes of many spectacular! – inflammation of the face, hands suddenly clenched,cheap jordans for sale, a group of green flame burning, then punch severely hit! Zheyi, and not the slightest fancy, but that kind of majestic impulsive, but it is played with a muffled sound of a sonic boom! Pan flame fist in the dark eye pupil rapid amplification, immediately Xiao Yan palm Qingtai, then slowly spread out. ‘
in the hall all gaze, leaves home four elders that glowing green flame fist directly is accurate bombardment on Xiao Yan palm, but not until some people cheering out loud, his face is stiff found that young skinny stature, not even the body is not quiver. ‘
and green flames that group fist over four elders, when a contact Xiao Yan palm, actually met is like something terrible in general, in a Road stunned eyes, automatically turn off. ‘
entire piece, looked at each other in the eyes of some incredible taste,Cheap Jordans, although four elders leaves home is not the strongest,Cheap Jordans Outlet, but whatever the outcome is a struggle were strong in the face of such a powerful blow he even look leaves home, The next person can so easily, is also one.

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volatility spread out from the sodium ring while the mask in front of Xiao Yan, is slowly split …
mask just cracked, Xiao Yan foot a step,cheap jordan shoes, stature is turned into a green shadow, then soared lightning shot out,cheap jordan shoes, while at the same time, the force from a touch of space spread out in a white ring is satisfied will fluctuate around the magma solidified give all … ‘ When the mask cracked
that Yi Sha Xiao Yan and Skyfire Venerable all is not found in the end that ran red magma distant world, a huge beam of light enough to have many feet, slowly opened,Cheap Jordans Outlet, slightly fight together between, on like a pair of … eye pupil in general.
stature silently scratched magma, Xiao Yan heart suddenly shoved a move that reduced flash in Xiupao among palm, 一枚 incomplete jade,jordan shoes for sale, appeared in the top of his palm, at the moment, it has been a long time There is no reaction of jade, is exudes a touch of temperature …
Xiao Yan jade finger mill fondle, my heart is turned up a storm, because ‘this piece of jade, consternation, that piece of Xiao Jiazu pass.’ Tuo homes ancient emperors! Eight hundred and seventy seventh round ancient Emperor Yu Zhang Tuo movement
Xiao Yan hearts thrown a storm,Cheap Jordans Outlet, but it is not the slightest change in the surface of the palm Xiupao among gently fondle a few mill Tuo homes ancient jade emperor, immediately took a deep breath, has not been movement of jade, but it is there have been some movement at the moment, obviously,cheap jordans, because this magma geographical reasons. ‘To put it more accurately, it should be the end of that magma world.’
Xiao Yan heart has to grasp the eighth, and in the end it seems difficult to find the end of the magma see, there must be something with the ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes related!
remember when smoked child said, this ancient emperor Yu Tuo homes

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stopped in front of Ji Zhang Zi research at a distance, Notting Laogui slowly out of hand, facing the distant purple research, faint Road. ‘: 6,’ he hands to hands,jordan shoes for sale, noticing so much nonsense? ‘Reaching for the Stars faced enormous pressure that old devil, purple research is Pieliaopiezui,cheap jordans, laugh Andorra.
‘birds of a feather really is with this kid, even talking f6 of gas is so unpleasant.’ ‘Reaching for the Stars Laogui looking slightly gloomy, his eyes suddenly chill Chung had, immediately in front of that purple palm research,Cheap Jordans, suddenly a grip!
With the Stars Under the old devil hand grasp, an invisible fluctuation lightning suddenly spread out, and soon, the whole body of research space purple, like a giant invisible handprint was severely pinch-like, in a burst of sound in Kaka shoved under retraction.
space around fiercely against purple research squeeze away, the kind of majestic chewy, if a firm is pressed, even the peak of the fighting were strong, the flesh is too soon to burst. When
However, in the space that will soon touch to squeeze purple research body, his whole body was shrouded in purple,jordan shoes for sale, suddenly thrown bursts of volatility, and soon spread out,cheap jordans for sale, and with the proliferation of violet, that severely crowded retraction space pressure comes, suddenly solidified, and then slowly transition out of thin air to dissipate. ‘In front of Aunt force play space, you are not old enough.’ Readily to this and other space-based extrusion, sing a little write-purple research, old-fashioned way. ‘Interesting …’
see this fight were even strong peak are helpless space squeeze is now being tied purple research so easy to resolve, Notting old devil is in the eyes of the passing touch of surprise,Cheap Jordans Outlet, immediately sneer, fist clenched, but no fancy bombers out. ‘Boom!’

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with smoked children, they do not seem to be lonely, sometimes Xiao Yan also be think of that was left outside the ancient tombstones Qingyang and others,Coach Outlet Online, but in strict custody Xiao Xuan, he was not the slightest chance lazy.
Under this practice, such as boring, more than six months, also flashed
filled with ancient atmosphere of the main hall, ‘a slim figure sitting cross-legged, his eyes closed, coveredThe vast majestic atmosphere at the moment, at the site of his eyebrows, and a Road purple singular lines, just as an invisible pen slowly sketched out in general,Coach Outlet Online, looked carefully,Coach Outlet Online, it is a perfect eighth pen engraved good fall trajectory,Coach Outlet, so look like a family pattern exudes exotic energy is roughly shaped ……,
beside Xiao Yan, Xiao Xuan looked at his eyebrows at that emerged eight pens family pattern, also nodded his head slowly, in about half the time can be sketched out eight pens family pattern, this velocity, even look Among the year’s Shaw family, is regarded as a leader, and that is the beginning of Xiao Yan hands sketch or just after power surge, which in turn makes upgrading a lot of difficulty
recommended while on Xiao Xuan nodded when I saw Xiao Yan eyebrows, a purple lines, actually is slowly re-emerged with a small point.
see this scene, Xiao Xuan suddenly surprised a moment, immediately stunned eyes flashed some promise of color: ‘? This little guy actually wanted to outline the ninth,cheap coach bags, taking advantage of a pen.’
Xiao Xuan heart consternation among whom, Xiao Yan eyebrows that a strange texture,Coach Outlet Store Online, but also in a slow but very firm to the track slowly falling, she had not the slightest pause, look, filled with a Hangyunliushui beauty,
‘This little guy really is surprising

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the heart is a little sigh of relief, and now the body has been refining success,Coach Outlet Store, the next step, Xiao Yan did it with what relationship, as long as the old drugs smoothly and perfectly fit this body down,Coach Factory Outlet, so he is able to truly reborn.
wiped the sweat from his brow, the past few days the moment kept refining the body, for Xiao Yan, is also causing a great burden, but a lot of satisfaction in his ring of immortality, but persistent quite weak, this smooth boil over.
‘teacher, the next thing you have to rely on the …………
Xiao Yan softly muttered a cry, then that is the side of the stone platformLegs while sitting, is slowly closed his eyes, into the practice,Coach Factory Outlet, and the beginning of the huge response this time caused by consumption.
And with Xiao Yan state into practice within the Spire, is once again caught up in silence, only the flame burning deep voice sounded very apple-outs in the Spire. Xiao Yan eyes
this practice, half-time is rapid in the past, while obtaining the body to be completely restored once again consumed vindictive, just slowly opened his eyes,Coach Outlet, dark Mouzhong faint Jingmang Shanlue over, immediately silent. After
state recovery, Xiao Yan eyes look first is the stone platform, but it is to see one of the old drugs still with his eyes closed, without the slightest movement spread.
seeing this, Xiao Yan Wei Zhou brow, but did not lose the panic, it’s just a normal thing only, with all sorts of things that the body is not used in ordinary things, medicine and old want with complete integration, it is not Koo want in as easy.
‘Today,Coach Outlet, my strength is still stuck in a hierarchical star statue, but this battle for me at times is not small,Coach Outlet Store Online, carefully calculate, should be considered a star statue reached its peak, …
recover after thought, Xiao Yan is caught

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flame, wrapped in a small medical cents, et al.Like a dragon-like, since numerous outrageous figure in storm swept out, when the band started a panic,coach bags outlet sale, swept straight into the blazing fire within that abnormal Road.
burst into fire road,Coach Outlet Store, the ambient temperature significantly increased the number of times, redness around the hard rock,Coach Outlet Online, was burned bright red, hot magma underneath, like a spring-like constantly spouting magma inherent hot gravel, but also have a very strong at the moment of destruction, if a mistake was ripped vindictive, I am afraid it will instantly be made to wear belly rot gut.
but that it is quite difficult for others to fire road, for Xiao Yan, but it is not the slightest difficulty, with three thousand lotus fire, body care, whether that magma or branching off from the surrounding jet out of the blue Pillar of Fire, are unable to cause harm to Hsiao go far, different fire, it is also at this moment show out completely.
fire at the moment Tao,Coach Outlet, also has a lot of others are struggling pediment strong, majestic grudge conceal their whole body was not the slightest gap, although they are able to adhere to the intruder, but obviously far Hsiao go far people so easily, those blue flame, like a strange grudge has melted efficacy in general, in a stalemate between the two, vindictive consumption rate, far more than many people’s expectations, according to this depletion,Coach Outlet Store Online, even a bucket cases strong, are unable to insist on too long.
when these people braved heavy fire and magma pediment, is like strolling Qiaode Xiao Yan, a pedestrian, a time in the eyes of all is some consternation.
For these eight light’d never bother Xiao Yan, mind a move, purple-brown flame is screaming, planted deep in the fire on the crowd rapidly snatched Road.
With the help of different fire,Coach Factory Outlet,

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did not appear like that Daomang crashed into a bottomless black hole in general, rushed in, almost did not take the slightest ripples from the fluctuation, even, even that the diffusion rate of the black iris, are not blocking it.
‘hiss’ …
see this scene, too many people are appalled suck down a cold lump eyeful incredible, Notting old devil that the presence of attacks … I am afraid that very few people can next, but itDaomang extremely powerful in that strange black iris, as if they have no power to resist the slightest?
‘how is this possible?’
paste this moment … head full of people, but to keep the minds of muttered.
Daomang disappearance,Coach Outlet Online, also is to get stardom look dull old devil, immediately shoved recovered, looked somewhat familiar black iris, eyes suddenly widened,Coach Outlet Store, horrified screams: ‘The big good luck palm day? day order fighting skills? how do you get it?! ‘ good luck palm
big day, the day when the old devil stardom ancient ruins also witnessed, that the power of terror,Coach Outlet Online, even now, he has a deep memory, he can not imagine how this extreme to get his coveted YORK fighting skills,Cheap Coach, but still will fall in the hands of Xiao Yan!
‘is that three ribs,Coach Outlet Store Online!’
stardom old devil also considered fast reaction, the same day from the bones of the body Xiao Yan pull off three ribs, obviously, if there really fighting skills day order once thought, it should be is on those ribs.
‘This cunning darn thing.’
regret bleeding heart, Notting old devil looking gloomy, looked spread from the black iris, body hurried Baotui.
‘wanted to run,Coach Outlet Online?’ Reaching for the Stars to see the old devil
fled … Xiao Yan is a sneer, hands shoved startled, black iris diffusion speed suddenly accelerated, at the same time, an unparalleled suction is from the dark into the storm surge and the

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energy terrorist contains red blood,Coach Outlet Online. ‘
had ever looked at it a few drops of extract out of the mysterious mummified in green and red blood, Xiao Yan lengleleng,Cheap Coach, immediately seems to suddenly thought of something, suddenly eye pupil contraction, Feng Qing children looked at the sky on a shocked by the idea, from the heart. Diffuse stir.
her – she is the day the demon Phoenix family man? ‘1,001th chapter icon force above
seats, when the wind behind Feng Qing children Venerable saw that huge dark phoenix virtual image, his face could not help but also slightly changed, daylight turned to the side of the thunder of His Holiness, low voice said: ‘I never thought that she Su day turned out to be a demon family man, no wonder you want to conceal their true flavor shot himself.
Venerable Ray smiled,Yung has a point in disguise pride, glanced at the farm Xiao Yan, said: ‘It will be clear display of the family child pushed Cheats, which Xiao Yan, indeed not unusual generation ah.’ Wind statue those eyes slightly narrowed, fortunately nitrate eye ‘had a touch of chill.
‘Oh, the wind can not reckless Holiness,Coach Outlet Online, you may fear me thunder Court, but the clear sky demon child, but Phoenix family man, what if she walked out of the situation,Coach Outlet Online, I am afraid that day demon Phoenix family and will not let go,Coach Outlet Online, and that a race How overbearing, surely you should be aware of, but do not provoke unnecessary trouble for the stars fell Court. ‘Ray Venerable faint. ‘Are you threatening me?’ Venerable wind suddenly smile, said.
looking smile on the face of His Holiness the wind, thunder Venerable mind is alert raised some four major presence among His Holiness, was undoubtedly the most famous wind Venerable long, but also the oldest cross calendar, this year mine When His Holiness was still a struggle cases,Coach Factory Outlet,