I worked at home instead of out in traffic

(shuddddder at the thought of Christmas shopping traffic).
Ds worked overtime.
I blogged a lot—in fact today’s post isn’t about the trip but about time budgeting and how I’m breaking my time budget down to manage it just like you do a financial budget. Thanks to all of you who have been clicking the ads the pennies are starting to slowly add up. I’ll get another post about the trip, probably tomorrow.
I cooked meals on the nights we were home. Worked hard on keeping on the time budget, pretty much finished my limited Christmas shopping and found my long black skirt—long story, let’s just say it’s been a nearly two month hunt and it turned up just about exactly where it should have been.
Worked on unpacking the camper—still not finished, but it is winterized.
This week I have the goals of finish getting the downstairs “Christmas ready”, wrapping gifts, paying off the two bills—thank you boss!—and getting the repairs started on the truck. We’ll see how that goes.

The owner stopped by our table to chat last night

and praised me, calling me by my name, for raising such a wonderful son, he also thanked me for letting both men work for him. How many bosses do that? Ds is impressed that he calls all the employees by their first name and greets them as he walks by them, often stopping to chat with them and inquire about life in general, not just work related things. He also knows a lot about each employee and the gift drawing last night showed that. There are several car enthusiasts, thus the car detailing kit, gun enthusiasts- a nice gun care kit was given, some of the women complain about always being cold in their cubicles- nice warm lap throws, many speak of spending time on their patios—one of those free standing fire places was given, a BUNCH of gift cards for different restaurants on and on. Almost everyone at the party won something last night and they were all items that someone in the company would use for their interest (there was some trading going on after the give away).
I know his wife once told me they went through DR’s class, I know they took a long vacation earlier this year. I wonder if they went to the leadership class then. He’s talked about paying for all his employees to attend the debt free class. I know this because he asked dh if he’d been through it and if he could teach it. Dh told him we had not, that we learned about it from this list and the book a good friend, Eldred, gave us. The boss is impressed we are sticking to it for certain. The class hasn’t been offered yet, but if it is we will definitely take it.