We ventured out yesterday during the day

—something we generally never do this close to Christmas because of the crowds. But there were a few things we needed and we thought if we went to this one center not far from us (20 miles) we’d be fine. Nope!
We were playing divide and conquer. Where each of us would hit a different store and meet back at the truck to get the errands done quickly (we each have a key to the truck). Dh let me out at Dollar Tree, ds out at Michaels and then he went to park the truck and then he was going to go into Best Buy. He had no sooner neatly parked the truck between the lines when a Michael’s employee rushing to get to work, pulled into him! She clipped the driver’s side dually hip and of course the fiber glass body shattered in the cold air.
She was very apologetic, offered her insurance info immediately and kept saying over and over “OMG I hit Santa!” Since dh was completely parked, the motor shut off and she hit the rear of the truck there is no doubt who was at fault. I’ll turn our report to our insurance agent on Monday and she’s going to be really upset when she gets the estimate. When we had that same panel replaced due to a similar problem in 2006 it was over $2,000. Luckily she has, according to her insurance card, full coverage. It’s a pretty nasty looking hole. It shouldn’t cost us anything, but Murphy sure tried.