Earlier in the year, I avoided looking for any more contract work…

But since the summer, I’ve talked to SEVERAL headhunters for contracts. I’m on Careerbuilder, Monster, Dice, Indeed, LinkedIn,TechCareers, KForce, and a couple of others that I can’t recall at the moment. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have a CLUE about finding a job inanother state. How did your husband go about getting a job in a different location? Unless the company paid for the travel, I couldn’t even afford to go to meet with them. But even so, I can’t sell my house that’s underwater, and I’m afraid I need to stay in this area for my Dad, who is 89 and has Alzheimer’s.

It’s kinda hard not to be disappointed with all these declines.

Since my unemployment runs out Dec 29, this is becoming VERY critical. And
I’m even finding it difficult to get a chance for a much-lower salary, since they consider me ‘over-qualified’. I’m worried now that I won’t even be able to get a minimum-wage job somewhere, just to get SOME money coming in.
Is there anyone in this group who is in HR or consulting who can give me some advice?