Okay, so I’ve been using my debit card like a credit card for years now.

Until recently I’ve had absolutely no trouble using it as such. And the problem I am currently having is NOT from the seller of the merchandise, but from the issuing bankS yes I said banks with an S. I bank strictly with local banks for many reasons and for the last year or so I am running into this problem more and more. But today it has gotten entirely out of hand.
I do a lot of my Christmas shopping online. I have an account set-up just for that purpose and have NEVER had trouble using it for just that purpose. We used that account while traveling and were warned by the bank that certain purchases in AZ would be denied because of the high fraud rate from AZ. I’ll go into that more in detail on my blog as the days roll on.
While we were in Phoenix, AZ we drove past the amazon.com distribution center and just let me say that place is HUGE! I thought nothing about it being in AZ at the time, I certainly should have. This last weekend we decided on exactly how much our Christmas budget was an ordered gifts for ds for both his birthday and Christmas, using said card.
The next day I discovered an email that my debit card had been refused by my bank. Bank says it’s because amazon is in –you guessed it AZ. Tried bank #2, next day another reject email because—all together now “amazon is in AZ.”
Now bank two had told me while traveling in AZ I could write a check as long as I had photo id. Amazon now has where you can use an electronic check by supplying id. Did that last night. Guess what I just found in my email, another reject because—one more time—amazon is in AZ! This is ridiculous!
I have one more bank to try as soon as we make the deposit of the check we just received in the mail. It is a bank ds uses with amazon all the time and we bank with as well. However, I know they told me before the trip that if I used the card in AZ it would be rejected. Anyone want to lay bets as to whether I can make the purchase or not?
In the past I have used paypal to pay amazon, only I cannot seem to find that option any longer, it is in fact my preferred way to pay because you then have double protection. Probably why it’s not offered any more.
Amazon’s solution for this is 1) get their lovely credit card—you know I’m not going there or 2) purchase an amazon gift card locally with it’s nice little handling fee—which I won’t pay to shop (you’ll see that line coming up a bit in the vacation blog too).

While I am not purchasing a lot for Christmas amazon may have just lost the benefit of us doing all our Christmas shopping and all the other shopping we do throughout the year through them because of the No Arizona law with our banks.

I understand the banks have taken a hit due to the high rate of fraud in AZ, but to penalize customers who verify it is them doing the shopping is ridiculous.