Not financially, but in a way that may have saved our lives, or at the very least damage to the house. Since the guys normally leave for work at 6 am we generally have early bedtimes around here. But ds has been working 3-4 hours overtime every night this week and since he and dh carpool dh has been getting home late too. Tonight dinner wasn’t until nearly 8:30 pm, a time we are all normally already in our bedrooms and headed toward dreamland. About halfway through the meal ds suddenly startled both dh and I and said “I smell burning electrical!!!” quite loudly. We all jumped and ran. Ds upstairs to see if Junior Chicken had somehow knocked over his light, Me to the bedroom to see if Sir Oliver Inkwell had found an unprotected wire to chew—the boy really loves wires and especially those gummy head phone wires. While I had dh checking the printers and other electrical equipment in the living room. The smell got strong fast, something was definitely burning and we had to find it quickly.
Both animals were blameless, but the newest printer was not, or at least we are pretty certain that was what it was. The smell was the strongest around it, although the printer didn’t feel hot in anyway. Dh unplugged it and the smell started to leave immediately. If we had been on our normal schedule the burning could have got serious before any of us smelled it. Thank goodness for overtime! Just to be on the safe side we currently have everything unplugged in the living room and dh checked the smoke detectors before we went toward our room.

This is the same model printer that had to be replaced due to a shorting out about a year ago, for free –under warranty. Guess they’ll be replacing it again. I think I want a different model. We might not be as lucky next time.

I wanted to chime

in here with something I just moments ago encountered with Amazon. As a lot of you know, we’re a skiing family and live in northern Michigan. It gets cold here and it’s imperative that I keep my family as protected against the elements as necessary. There is a company called Reusch that makes the best ski mittens out there. I have had troubles finding their mittens in my children’s sizes. I did find someone selling junior Reusch gloves for $84 on Amazon. Yes, this is pricey, but I’ve often seen them for more. For kicks, I decided to go to the seller’s website. They are selling the exact same gloves on their site for $40 plus free shipping. Not only is this price unbelievable, I can’t believe they are selling the exact same item on Amazon for more than double, plus, shipping fees. I just learned a huge lesson here: go directly to the Amazon seller’s own site and see what their prices are there.