I ordered a large product on Ebay

and it was sent to me in 3 separate boxes. One piece was broken and they said to send it back for a replacement, but not the other 2 boxes. So they sent a UPS call for the 1 box. They are making a claim with UPS that it was damaged during shipment.That was 3 weeks ago. We have called daily to follow up and they keep giving us the run-a-round, waiting for UPS to reimburse them before they will send a replacement. I think this is terrible customer service, and I’m tired of the hassle and just want to send them the rest of it back and get our money back.
They are saying since Parts 2 & 3 are not damaged, we will have to pay for the shipping back.I have no Ebay experience, and neither of us have ever made a claim thru Ebay or PayPal. But at this point, I don’t think we have much of a choice. The product was $425 and shipping will probably be about $150. Will PayPal see the entire purchase as broken and make them pay for the shipping back? or will we have to eat the shipping on that too?

We’ve smelled that smell only once in this house

and yes, it very quickly becomes a hurry-up-and-find-it emergency. Glad you found it so quickly, and that it wasn’t either of the critters! Sounds like that model of printer has some issues; I’d definitely get some other model. Let’s not have anyone burn their house down! Murphy doesn’t get to claim such a big prize!