Here’s how the gentleman explained the situation.

First of all—yes I can use their debit card for amazon because to quote him amazon has a very good security system and so do they.
However, he said the problem with AZ is not that the state is full of thieves but what they do have is a “hackers hub” that the FBI and other law officials have been trying to break for quite some time, with no success. The Hub monitors all internet transactions between companies and banks and picks up account numbers and other info by doing so. They then manufacture credit/debit cards with that info on it including that little extra number on the back and sell those cards to be used fraudulently world wide.
He said smaller banks do not have the funds to handle such widespread attacks so they deny charges for AZ and the other states I sent in my previous post as their best method of protection for themselves—because it costs the bank every time fraud hits—and the customers, who could end up overdrawn and all their money tied up for days, as well as being out a minimum of $50 at most banks, but higher at others.
His recommendation is if you have an account with an online company, say Honeyville Grain, Amazon etc that has an account number, or for companies like Baker’s Heirloom seeds that will still take paper payments, that you use your banks online bill pay system because the way it works, at least at bank #3, is you deposit the money into your account and that money is then placed into a bill pay account that is not attached to your account in any way. They then issue the equivalent to a cashier’s check or wire transfer electronically to the account you are wanting to pay, or they will issue a paper check if that is how you want it. There is no connection to your checking or debit card account at all, no bank account or routing numbers, so the hackers can’t get into your account.