I wanted to chime

in here with something I just moments ago encountered with Amazon. As a lot of you know, we’re a skiing family and live in northern Michigan. It gets cold here and it’s imperative that I keep my family as protected against the elements as necessary. There is a company called Reusch that makes the best ski mittens out there. I have had troubles finding their mittens in my children’s sizes. I did find someone selling junior Reusch gloves for $84 on Amazon. Yes, this is pricey, but I’ve often seen them for more. For kicks, I decided to go to the seller’s website. They are selling the exact same gloves on their site for $40 plus free shipping. Not only is this price unbelievable, I can’t believe they are selling the exact same item on Amazon for more than double, plus, shipping fees. I just learned a huge lesson here: go directly to the Amazon seller’s own site and see what their prices are there.