like we’ve never seen…

My 2nd oldest son turned 8 in November and he had an emotional breakdown (mental breakdown maybe?).including hurting our other children (right down to the 2 yr old). He’s a wee bit better right now but we’re trying to get him into a Trauma Assessment Center to get him properly diagnoses (PTSD? Anxiety? Bipolar?) He still has breakdowns and negative behaviors but it isn’t quite as intense.
Outside of that we’re doing pretty good…We are helping our new little ones settle down, understand love and family and permanency and its a long journey. Our baby is doing well and a sweet little guy!

We’ve been fighting bronchitis for 2 months now (6 weeks for me) but I think I’m on the upswing with my 3rd or 4th antibiotic. I read on here but don’t check in often…I do try to keep my blog updated.