The employer and his wife are wonderful people.

They are good homeschooling, giving Christians. They are very down to earth and involved in the day to day work of the firm. In fact I got a kick out of watching the boss trying to learn to line dance at the company Christmas party last night (a formal affair that had to have cost the company a bunch at the Double Tree—it started out with everyone having a combination of champagne and cranberry juice—tastes a lot better than it sounds)
I don’t know if they listen to DR on a regular basis or not, but I do believe they are followers. I know he knows we follow it and at the party last night he was very proud to announce that the company was now entirely debt free—and he practically did a debt free shout! He even said while they carry a line of credit for business reasons it is now paid off in full every month. I know in this industry potential customers sometimes check to see what a line of credit for a company is before even talking to them. He was very proud of this and his wife was beaming and nodding in unison as he spoke.
We have truly been blessed by this company the last 2.5 years. First they hired dh and a few months later gave him a crisp $100 bill for his Christmas bonus—times were really tight for the company that had nearly folded the year before at that time. Then a small pay raise that spring. This last year as time and money improved for the company he gave dh a $3 an hour raise—unheard of in most engineering firms. Then he hired ds, breaking his own rule about not hiring members of the same family because to quote him “I want a Gary clone” and he has told us more than once he feels he got an excellent employee in Sean. The company picnic in September was a luau.
Both men have received numerous gift cards in addition to overtime pay when they’ve worked extra overtime to help get a rush job out. He paid for AU and part of our vacation fuel. Follow that up with those wonderful bonuses and the big expensive party last night where they gave away some really nice door prizes (including 2-$100 gift cards, 1 $200 gift card and a $500 gift card—all visa) Dh won a car detailing kit and I got a $25 gift card to TGIF