No matter how long I’m away from this forum there are still people who come here and try to convince others that whatever TT they are involved in and what few they’ve heard of are “not that bad”.

What you need to understand is that I am sitting in a room, alone and will probably be single for the rest of my natural life because of an TT.

I’m too old, too tired, too jaded to start over. My husband destroyed our marriage over Primerica. Years before that he was in Amway and a part of selling long distance and a few other things I never knew about until long after I met him.

Just stop already. Stop trying to promote Amway or any other TT. If there are still moderators here, STOP people from doing this. And if you need more moderators, I will gladly volunteer.

Because this forum saved my sanity. And I truly hate to see anyone marketing TT’s here in this space unchallenged.

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