Yep! It’s been building for a time.

At first it was just certain businesses, but now it is the entire state of Arizona. We ran into not being able to purchase fuel, while standing at the register with photo ID and using our pin all across AZ—You’ll hear all about this in my blog posts as they come up.
This is the first time I’ve ever been rejected for purchasing from amazon and I shop with them almost monthly. It also gives me concern because I shop with other companies in AZ as well, including Honeyville grains. I understand the banks trying to be careful, but there is a limit. It’s almost like they are trying to force us to go to a bigger bank, which I won’t do. I will, however, shop around for other options in my banking that will allow me to shop online. The best way to protest a bank policy is to leave the bank and tell them why you are.
As I told dh I can understand the banks feeling amazon would be a huge place for fraud to take place. After all, just given the situation I told you about last night with sil and dmil. Amazon is one of the biggest online businesses there is, therefore their rate of fraud/identity theft is probably extremely high year round, but especially at this time of year.
It also depends on the bank. Both banks I have had the trouble with are small family owned banks. I’ve been with one of them since 1977 and would hate to change, but they are the toughest on not allowing debit card transactions too. They have also put so many other security measures in that it is almost impossible to access my account online any more. Add that to the fact they are in the town I use to live in with no local atms or anything and I have to drive nearly an hour to visit the bank itself I fear our relationship is about to come to an end.